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3D printer։ the best gift for kids

3D Printer production COMPANY

We can offer quality printers produced in Armenia, in Goris.
We also offer various services related to three-dimensional printing.

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Our mission is

To develop information technologies in the regions

We have different teams that carry out our services in different spheres and we carry out our activities in Goris and surrounding villages. Specifically, we have a team of Web Programmers and are successfully implementing orders for the local market.

Creative Team

Strong people who realize that their work contributes to the development of IT in the region

Various Services

We have 2 main directions: 3D technologies and 3D Filament Production

Fast Delivery

Fast, available, reliable.

Satisfaction Guarranteed

All services have an appropriate warranty that enables us to enhance business contacts with our partners.

Services we provide

Here our different services

3D Printer Production and selling

3D Design

3D Printing

3D Printer Repairing

Selling 3D Printer parts


Filament Production

Our Production line

Our 3D Printers


3D Printer

3D Printer production

“Bzez” 3D Printer has been elaborated based on RepRap Prusa Mendel I2 3D printers. This type of 3D Printers is unique, as the model can print all the plastic parts included in the printer (all the parts can be downloaded from the Thingiverse page of our organization)


3D Printer

3D Printer production

“Bzez 2.0” 3D Printer has been elaborated based on Bzez 1+ 3D printers.


PLA, ABS and etc

3D Printer production

We are producing different types of filament for FDA 3D printer types.


You are able to download the Marlin code and using Arduino IDE from the following links:

Connected with the version of the BZEZ 3D printer, please use the following configurations in configuration.h file.

Our team

Artur Khojabaghyan


Shushan Babakhanyan


Rustam Gevorgyan


Short About Us

AugmentAr CJSC was founded in September 2015 in Goris. The company started with a production of 3D printers, it also conducts educational projects in IT sphere to solve the human resource issue (lack of IT professionals) in the regions of Armenia. Along with 3D printer production AugmentAr’s R&D team expands the company’s expertise in 3D modeling and the company takes on sophisticated 3D modeling orders as well.

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3D Printer
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