ABS Filament ֊ REC

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PRINT SETTINGS Printing technology FDM Extruder temperature 210-245 °C Heat bed 110-120°C Cooling fan off Density 1,05 г/см3 Flexural modulus 2400 MPa Tensile yield strength at 23°C 52 MPa Softening temperature ~ 103 °C Flexural strength 2,8 mm/min23 °C 70 MPa Rockwell hardness (Scale R) 112 Izod impact strength 25 kg-cm/cm Oil-resistant (form change for 24 hours) 0,2% Electrical conductivity 3,95 х 103 ОМ/см Combustibility category Without category Oxygen index % O2 Gost 21793-76 18.2÷18.5 Ash content % Gost 15973


ABS Filament ֊ REC


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